Wednesday, May 13, 2015

"It's a system of transportation!"

What I said about the lazy river when I first rode the lazy river here, at age 13.

I haven't blogged this water park as I didn't remember it well until now.

Typhoon Lagoon is Disney's other water park. Unlike Blizzard Beach, it has a tropical theme, almost like it's the opposite water park.

Typhoon Lagoon is part of the Walt Disney World Resort, so if you plan to go, you can simply buy Disney World tickets with the Water Park Fun and More option, which will allow for days in the Disney water park.

It includes the following attractions:

Castaway Creek - the lazy river, the "system of transportation" as it has many exits across the park.

Crush n Gusher - a water coaster. It was exciting, although wait times can be long (but not as long as Double Dipper in Blizzard Beach). Also, if you're riding solo, you have to carry a double tube all the way up the stairs which can be heavy, and you can only ride one of the three slides. Still, perhaps the best slide Disney's water parks has to offer.

Gangplank Falls - a family raft ride - didn't ride it as I was traveling solo.

Humunga Kowabunga - a steep body slide. Intense but very fun.

Mayday Falls - a tube slide, but with rough rapids, an interesting ride.

Shark Reef - didn't get a chance this time, but you can snorkel and look at fish here.

Storm Slides - typical body slides, but I didn't like being pushed into a pool at the end of the ride.

Surf Pool - a wild wave pool - this is no ordinary wave pool, as the waves are ocean-sized and will knock you off your feet. Don't worry, it's fresh water.

Food: Same as Blizzard Beach, mostly fast food, and great soft serve ice cream.

Transportation: Fly into Orlando International Airport (MCO). If you're staying at a Disney World hotel, which I recommend you do if you're planning to visit Disney World, there is free transportation from the airport (Disney's Magical Express). You can also fly into Orlando-Sanford (SFB) but it is farther away and you'll probably need to rent a car. Transportation from the Disney resorts is a little more tricky - there are rides to the water park from the hotel, but you have to make a connection in Epcot if you stay the whole day on the way back.

Overall: I liked Blizzard Beach overall a bit more, but Crush n Gusher was probably the best ride out of both water parks. A very good water park. Somehow wish one of the water parks had a bowl or a topsy-turvy slide.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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