Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It's Transportainment!

Schlitterbahn has a number of waterparks in Texas and one in Kansas City, Kansas - I went to the Kansas park. The water park was unique in many ways.

"Transportainment" refers to the unique layout of the park - many rides can be accessed from the lazy river. In fact, the Storm Blaster ride has a line that is right in the water. This is very neat, especially on a hot day where the line might be long. There are also a number of "rapids" rides.

There's a new ride called the "Verruckt", which is supposed to be the tallest water slide in the United States - riders will ride in a raft, and it is a water-coaster type of ride. It was not open yet when I went.

Other rides include:

Bahnzai Pipeline / Black Knight / Wolfpack - tube slides, from enclosed to open - all were good tube slides.

Storm Blaster - the line is in the water, and is a "water coaster" ride - while fun, it was disappointing, as it was considerably shorter than other water coasters.

Whirlwind - another exciting tube slide ride.

Mighty Mo - this is one of the more unique rides I have found in a water park - you sit on a tube in a river, and rapids push you in one direction, creating the experience of floating down river rapids. However, large portions of the river just involved floating, meaning there's quite a bit of waiting before the exciting parts - but still a great concept.

Food: There is your typical water park food place, with burgers, hot dogs, and fries. There is also a sweet shop with ice cream and cookies.

Transportation: It is located in Kansas City, Kansas - if you're flying, the airport is in Kansas City, Missouri. I stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge in the Village West (so I got two water parks for one trip!) which is very close to the park. To get to the water park without driving, take the #101 Bus - very short trip. There's no way to walk to the park from the Village West area.

Overall: A fun water park, but could be better. It may be because it was a cool day, but it wasn't that crowded even in June. The crowds increased as the day warmed up and the sun came out, so crowds may be relative.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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